Send payments as easily as sending an email.

Boost your financial flexibility by making financial transactions that much simpler.

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What can you do with our wallet?

Add euros to your wallet from a European bank account.

Top-up your wallet with other currencies, including USDC, Bitcoin or Stellar Lumens.

Transfer funds around the globe using your currency of choice.


Leveraging the power of the blockchain, transactions can take place at lightning speeds.


Only you have access and total control of the assets on your account, keeping even the most determined malicient entities at bay.

Low Fees

At OrunPay, we guarantee some of the lowest fees available on the market.


Accessible anywhere, anytime to any individual with a Stellar blockchain account.

How it works

Open an account with us

Download the app for free and setup an account in minutes.

Wallet top-up

Top-up your wallet via bank transfer or credit card.


Send and receive currencies from and to your wallet of choice effortlessly.

Invest in cryptocurrencies

Cash-in at the touch of a button. Four easy steps – it’s that simple.


Exchange cryptocurrencies as much as you like with the touch of a button.


Cash-in your currencies at your bank whenever you like.